Program Effectiveness Specialist

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Employee Contract Type: Local - Fixed Term Employee (Fixed Term)

Location: Hanoi office

Job Description:


In alignment with three ministry strategic objectives, WVV has developed three Technical Approaches (TA) and designed three Technical Programs (TPs): Child Protection, Nutrition and Health and Livelihoods. Technical Programmes are national or sub-regional level programmes implemented by World Vision in multiple geographic locations within a country. They employ evidence-based practices and models previously identified, defined and prioritised through a strategic process and documented in a Technical Approach (TA). TP are designed to ensure National Offices (NOs) achieve World Vision’s mission, which includes the highest impact for the well-being of children, in accordance with relevant TA and NO Strategic Objectives. A Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan (CESP) has also been developed in order to integrate the three TPs and to monitor the DPA application in all APs.

The Program Effectiveness Unit is under the Program Quality and Resource Development (PQRD) Department, which consists of: Grant Acquisition and Management (GAM) Unit, Technical Services Units (in line with the three Ministry Strategic Objectives) and HEA/DRR Unit.

Purpose of Position

To support World Vision Vietnam (WVV) in implementing effective assessment, design, monitoring and evaluation events and strengthen WVV’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system across all programs, including Technical Programs, Area Programs (APs); and Special Funded Projects (SPs); strengthen DPA application in APs/Projects in order to promote community ownership. The position involves significant reflection and learning as a process of quality improvement of M&E systems across WVV’s entire programs and in the approaches used to measure WVV’s effectiveness.

The Program Effectiveness (PE) Specialist assists the Manager of Programme Effectiveness Unit and subsequently Program Quality and Resource Development Director in building up the capacity of Zonal Program Effectiveness Officers, and relevant staff in effective M&E skills including the implementation of Child Well-being outcomes (CWBOs).

The PE Specialist supports the Manager of assigned Technical Program in contextualizing DME tools, measuring indicators and monitoring the progress toward achieving TP goals and outcomes.

The PE Specialist supports the APs and projects in their assigned zone and all other APs whenever requested to meet minimum standards of DME for community development, and to promote higher quality sustainable programming.

To coordinate WVV departments, APs, projects to achieve the Horizon 3.0 Implementation Plan and assist APs and Projects in using Horizon 3.0 in managing effectively the AP/project information.

Key Responsibilities


1. DME Technical Guidance

  • Lead baseline and evaluation events with assistance provided in formulating methodology, collecting and analysing data; recommendations given to the final evaluation and assessment reports;
  • WV’s Development Programme Approach are contextualized and introduced progressively WVV assessment, design, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Key Performance indicators are consolidated through Horizon and Powerbi
  • Program Effectiveness Manager and PQRD Director are assisted to establish a feedback loop with the community for the application of LEAP to inform decision-making;
  • Assigned technical programs and projects are assisted in developing standard tools and monitoring the progress toward their goal and outcomes;
  • TPs/APs are supported with relevant tools and processes for shared monitoring system;
  • ADPs/TPs/APs are supported with tools and processes for measuring and report on outcome on regular basis.
  • Review and provide comments for LEAP documents.
  • The quality of program and project Assessment, Design and Evaluation is consistently improved through active involvement in key DME event in the annual calendar.

2. iCWBOs/CWB targets

  • Indicators are standardized for each TP;
  • On-going support is provided to implement baselines in APs/TPs to improve the quality of program DME
  • Quality assurance for iCWBO/CWBT measurements is control in order to make sure that the data is valid and reliable for informing decisions
  • AP staff and community capacity is built to understand and use the iCWBO/CWBT data in each AP environment.
  • Simple materials are collected and developed to support the effective implementation of the iCWBOs and MIS, Horizon;
  • WVI’s Indicators for Child Well-being Outcomes (CWBOs) and CWB targets are implemented for maximum relevance and utility in the Vietnam and AP context in consultation with PEU Manager.

3. DME Capacity Building

  • Staff training workshops are organized to introduce DME, DPA, CWBOs/CWB targets, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and Horizon;
  • Close liaison is built and maintained with other relevant institutions such as local NGOs and WV National, Support and Regional Offices to best meet the objectives of Capacity Building for MnE and improve WVV’s M&E system;
  • AP teams are supported to build DME capacity for project staff, local partners.

4. Coordination

  • Coordinate with CE specialist in order to promote the community ownership in new phase of strategy
  • Coordinate with PE Specialist for MVC/CCT in effectively identifying and assisting MVC and vulnerable groups
  • Coordinate with PE specialists in facilitating DME events and learning events
  • Assist assigned TP teams in finalizing Technical Program Design Document and TP adaptation through AP planning process.
  • Smooth cooperation with other specialists to support AP/projects in DME

5. Resource Acquisition and HEA-DRR support

  • Proposal development
  • Provide recommendation for Go/No-Go analysis
  • Participate in proposal design and technical writing, including: Problem analysis; Theory of change; Logframe development; M&E narrative; Provide guidance to proposal development team to set the targets of beneficiaries impacted by the proposed project
  • Develop comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning - MEAL plan (including budget)
  • Project implementation
  • Regularly check with project team on the status of Project to monitor the achievement of projects’ indicators and timely discover project areas that are behind the schedule and need to be focused on
  • Inform Program Effectiveness Unit Manager on the projects’ outstanding M&E issues
  • Take Disaster Risk Reduction – Response to Climate Change (DRR-RCC) account when designing, M&E of AP/Project’s activities to ensure that climate change and disaster risks can be addressed and reduced. He/she is also expected to provide support to PEOs, coordinate with functional departments, join emergency response in the targeted Area Program when needed to ensure humanitarian standards and accountability.
  • Additional funding resources are acquired to execute the Technical Program.
  • Efficient support and contribution to success of Grant/PNS projects

6. Advocacy and Networking

  • Network with agencies and NGOs in Vietnam and other WV offices to identify promising community engagement practices and replicate for World Vision.
  • Support local level Advocacy events at national and provincial levels.
  • Represent WVV at GC and Regional Communities of Practice related to Community Engagement and Transformational Development.
  • Program Management Boards and Village Development Boards are active in local level advocacy

7. Others

  • Take responsibility for personal security, accurately identify and assess the dangers and respond in the most appropriate way; take all good faith efforts to keep other WVV staff and property secure with guidance and instruction as being trained by WVV
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the manager to contribute to the team performance
  • Staff’s safety and security
  • Incidents are reported timely as per the incident management protocols

Knowledge & Skill

  • Bachelor’s degree in Community Development, Business Administration, Information Management, and/or related fields. A Master’s degree is preferred
  • Qualitative and/or quantitative research and evaluation skills, including but not limited to study design, survey instrument design and use, establishing and measuring outcome and process indicators, sampling, data analysis plans, data cleaning, and statistical analysis.
  • Sound knowledge of developmental approaches, M&E, and management of information systems
  • Understanding of NGOs and research fields
  • Good skills in training and capacity-building
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to support articulate and demonstrate World Vision’s core in meaningful ways to colleagues, partners, donors, children and communities.


  • At least 5 years’ experience in Monitoring and Evaluation; Information Management System
  • Experience working in developing country….
  • Experience of working with NGOs


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Sun, 2024-02-18